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Ravens page has his first pictures of him (including a scan while Loulou was pregnant) and snippetts about his showing career, I have tried to put photos in some sort of order so the newest stuff is at the bottom of the page
INTRODUCING- Delacroix Loulou (Loulou)& Brunell Exchalibar at Delacroix(Benson) their first litter together 6 healthy pups

Raven as a baby

The 6 pups in Loulou's litter(all pix at 3 weeks old!)

Lou-Lou and all the pups

Helen & Raven

Trying to stand Raven

raven & Kerrie playing tug

Raven winning tug!!

Raven snuggling with pals

Raven & Merlin

Merlin & Raven

Aren't I cute!!

helping wiv xmas


15 Bassets in Cornwall!!

aren't we cute!!

Harvey my litter mate playing on my bed ...with my new toy!!


I can flyyyy!!
Raven attended and behaved qute well at his first show Birmingham National at the NEC BHAM .In the Breed Minor Puppy class under Judge Mrs L. Ness he rolled over for tummy tickles and stirred the audience into an almighty "aaaaahhhh!" In the Friskies Beta/Dog world Pup of the Year he came top of the class winning AV Hound Minor Puppy Dog! Its all gone well since then as he is consistently placed at Open & Champ shows including Crufts, He was awarded Reserve there this year 2004 by Mr R. White