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Maggie p's page!


HI I'M MAGGIE P... I'm the other Maggies litter mate we share parents I came to live here 'cos they liked me so much but didn't want to change my name in case it confused me ! Ilike going to the shows 'specially the big "champ " ones when I can meet up with all my mates new & old and catch up on a good gossip I like being cuddled and will lie in some ones arms for hours or I do my Queen impression and look down on my minions from the arm of the settee. I have earned my Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Bronze Award Rosette and Certificate and numerous placings at Champ and Open Shows,Also working with Rosie(who is at Rainbow Bridge )we won Brace awards and got trophies Mom was very proud . I love our holidays and days out with all our basset, beagle and Dachs friends (see our photos page) I was quite poorly for a while in 2003 so have retired from the ring as Mom & Dad spoil me so I am too chubby to show (You should see me run and play or run for a treat though!)I enjoyed all the fuss and meeting lots of lovely people at Crufts on the Discover Dogs Basset breed stand.I must be famous as lots of people took photographs, and the children enjoyed giving me treats and having a cuddle!

This is me above looking after the new babe Merlin - of course hes grown up a lot now ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Down there is a pic of me with some of my mates at the xmas party